Welcome to JW Energy Lab.

  Research in our group focuses on artificial photosynthesis for the direct solar-to-fuel conversion.

  We are currently looking for postdoctoral researcher, graduate students (master-PhD combined, master, PhD) and undergraduate students. If you are intrested in JW Energy Lab., please feel free to contact Prof. Ji-Wook Jang.

  박사후 연구원, 대학원생 (석-박 통합, 석사, 박사과정) 과 학부생을 모집합니다.  본 연구실에 관심 있으신 분은 연락 부탁드립니다.


Position Availible!

Contact information:

Prof. Ji-Wook Jang (장지욱)

E-mail: jiwjang@unist.ac.kr
Tel: +82-(0)52-217-3027
Office: EB1 (104) 801-2, UNIST